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Gaaahhhh…. OK. What would Bina do?

Well… she'd do something dangerous and destructive which would work, against all odds, but would also cause enormous amounts of collateral damage and get herself clocked in the face -

OK, doing what Bina would do is not a good idea. Nobody should do what Bina does, including Bina. There's a reason Kendra is still in one piece and Bina is currently powered by painkillers and stubbornness.

Kendra decides to try it her way. If it explodes on her, then it explodes on her.

"Ahhh crap - it really has to be a dude."

"What? Why!? - This is too weird."

Daniel Johns:
>Kindra say you're superstitious and have a feeling that something bad will happen if Guillaume doesn't make the delivery.

"I know - it's really dumb! Sorry - it's just my psychic told me that if I involved another girl in my plan it would all fall apart!"

"Your psychic?"

"Yeah! Madame Miryala, she knows the past and the future! It's like she's a time traveller! I would never try something like this without her help."

"What are - what are you even doing?"

Kendra invents wildly, "I'm running a scavenger hunt for my friend Amie. It's her birthday!"

"That's what the note's for?"

"Yes! It's the third clue."

The delivery girl looks skeptical, but she isn't actively running away, so Kendra counts that as a win.

The paradox wind is plucking at her jacket and hair, and she can imagine, in the future, the not-entirely-adequate flywheel whirring it's tiny ass off, attempting to course correct the entire weight of history as it tries to skid off the rails.