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Hey Kendra notice how the wind isn't affecting the pizza girl?

Oh bloody hell. Her vector is fuzzing. She must be fucking something up, something obvious, something -

"Uhh… wait - you're a girl."

"Eeeeyup," says the Pizza Girl, and Kendra can tell from the tone of her voice that this was a very bad thing to say if she wants Pizza Girl to trust her.

"Sorry - umm - I just mean - look, quick insane question - "

"There seems to be a lot of that going around."

"Yep! Sorry! I know! Look, just - was there another person who was maybe going to deliver this pizza and then didn't?"


"Was there another driver who was going to deliver this pizza but didn't end up doing that for some reason?"

"Uh… what? I mean it was Guillaume's turn but you were offering so much money so I offered to do the actual delivery in exchange for half the money…"

Oh no.

"Is this some kind of kidnapping thing? Are you trying to kidnap Guillaume?"

"What? No! What?! Why would you - crap!"

Kendra's brain freezes as the wind increases again and she finds herself wishing that Bina was here. She's much better at this kind of temporal nonsense.


This is an especially strange paradox, because the pizza delivery person was a guy just a few moments ago:

"Ah! I am glad he is not coming down other side of building."

This one is 'cause they both misgendered our delivery lady here, due to the distance and the fact that they were both expecting a dude.