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> Do you know anyone you see?

One of them.

It's Mrs. Hyung.

This must be yesterday, maybe earlier, before Gregor abducts her.

She looks like she's arguing with someone holding a clip-board.

I-I-I-I just, I had to ask if you cuh-could move your office buh-back to the parking lot!? It's not safe h-here. We cuh-can't guarantee that the ground here won -

Won't collapse? My office is behind that tiny little crane of yours. Is the crane going to fall into the pit?

What? Nuh-no. We ch-

You checked. I happen to know this, because I had my people DOUBLE CHECK before you brought your equipment in, because I'll be damned if I have to pay EVEN MORE insurance because you government idiots got yourselves killed investigating my property.


> Bina! Move your head so we can see too!

okay I laughed

Me too!