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"Hah! This one is pretty funny. I am thinking Mouse Girl will be here for sure, but no it's you!"

"Don't run - I still have gun and I am not up for much running I don't think. Climbing a mountain with bullet wound is no fun huh?"

Sarah Hubbard:

Oh shit oh shit oh shit…

"Breathe," he says, not lowering the gun. "If I was wanting to put bullet in your head I would not be talking with you, yes? I would have just - pow - from over there."

That is a good point.

"But if you are running - I will shoot you. Understand?"

She does, sort of. Kendra doesn't speak English much, her accent is horrible and she hates English conjugation, but she can read it pretty well. Native English speakers usually talk too quickly for her to follow, but Gregor, another ESL speaker, talks slowly.

She can understand him if she tries, and holy crap, having a gun pointed at you makes you want to try really hard!

She swallows, then nods.