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"We're off then."

"Good night."

"Are you sure you want to stay up here? Like I said, there's trees down all over the path, and there's no buses last I heard."

"I'll be fine, thank you."

"Well, you know what's best for you. I hope your friend feels better."

"She will."

[size=8]"Good heavens it's cold out here."
"Who was that?"
"Not sure… she bought a card and then ordered pizza on the land line."
"Up here? In a storm?"
"Yes, polite as you please, but very strange."[/size]

They leave. The rain doesn't.

Kendra reads, and occasionally makes notes. This saving the world business has turned out to involve a lot more studying then she's expected.


I know this is slow. We are going somewhere.

Holy schmagoly after a week of binge reading at work between working on projects (shhhh) and staying up entirely too late, I'm all caught up! I don't know if anyone else has mentioned this in your years of writing/drawing this amazing story, but this is a cool reaching across time adventure in and of itself – comments from four years ago mingling with comments from a few days ago.. realizing that what took you 1500+ days to produce only took me a week or so to consume, so many years later… and then finally catching up and being in the here and now with you guys! Sorry. Nerding out.

Anyway. So good. I've already recommended this to two friends, and I will definitely be sticking around 'til the bitter end! +1 reader!!

Hello! Welcome to the PTP!

Thank you, and that is a really interesting perspective on it. I hadn't thought about how the comments and the passage of time would interconnect. When I first read this I thought 'Damn! Now I wish I'd timestamped the comments I used in the story!' and then I realized that we kind of had. They are, with only a few exceptions, used the day after they're made.

Thank you for telling your friends about the comic, that is great and awesome and I hope they have as much fun as you did. :)