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Ok so the gift shop is closing but can you stay in the main hall or whatever? Do they lock the front doors?

They'd probably let her stay… but she doesn't want to cause any more trouble or attract any more attention. She decides to sit outside under the eaves. It's not raining much, and she'll be dry out here.

Humorous Phlegm:
>Buy a toy, why not. Live a little!

Chaz Wallace:
Kendra > Buy Beaver toy for Amie or Emmie just because.

Kendra:> Buy yourself at least one stuffed toy. It doesn't have to be a beaver.

She sets her new friend down, careful not to let her fur get in any of the wet bits.

All right, she has her book, she has her fluffy new study partner. What's she forgetting?

Ah right. Yes, she has to make sure they don't tell her the code and make her brains explode all over the place.

Right, enough distractions, she should probably do that study thing now.