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> Look around the room again. Is anything different?

Well there's a distinct lack of dead-guy. Which is good.

>Ascertain local time.

The light creeping around the closed blinds looks like sunlight.

So… daytime?

Time travel.

Bina can now time travel. I call it.

Oh please no.

> Okay, so when are you?

It's a good question. There's no blood. No stains. No smell.

So she's probably gone backward again.

That's… not great, but if probably-Josephine's tiny weird note is to be believed, it's better than going forwards.

For some reason.

Get up. Check structural integrity of butt. Look around.

Her butt seems mostly OK.

Just bruised. Again.

What's one more bruise? Eurgh.

Assuming this construction site hasn't been here for 100 years.

She can't have gone far into the past. This office wouldn't be here if she'd gone further then a few days.

Maybe just one day? A few hours?

Bina realizes that she can hear raised voices outside. People are arguing nearby.


The girl who fell on her butt through time.

Bina is the most dignified of Time Travellers.

So! We are closing in on 500 images for this Adventure, and it's been going for 151 days. That's… that's not bad. Some of those images are title-card images, so it's not a full 500 yet, but dang. Gettin' up there.

I did not think it would go on this long, but it has.

If I had to guess, I'd say that Bina is about half way through her Adventure, barring… extreme complications and/or lengthy dream sequences (which I will try to avoid).

Thank you all for sticking with me this long. I hope you continue to enjoy this bizarre Adventure of mine.