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What time is it supposed to be again? Google says the Chalet closes at 8pm.

Oh right, crap. It had been almost 9:00pm at their PTP, but how far did Bina actually send her? Kendra checks the phone.

It's confused computer brain has checked in with the internet to update the time.

Damn, she has less time to order that pizza then she thought. The pizza arrived at the hospital about 45 minutes from now.

Eurgh, time travel tenses.

Still… the Chalet should be open.


Quick question everyone! If you're going back and looking for stuff, do you use the Archive or the Map?

Unhatly Behavior:
Oh of course, that one. Silly me.
I know I said this s few pages ago but uh damn, you're on a roll here. This page looks beautiful. Any chance the original file is a larger size? This would be a great wallpaper.

Sadly no, I work at full scale (which is another reason I basically can't print this thing), so what you see is what you get.

I am really glad everyone's liking this style. :)

I caught up? Little disappointed it took me almost a week, going by other comments, but I'll probably chalk that up to having like 50 tabs open to AO3 so I could read all the things simultaneously.

Tempted to repost my musings on the gifts, since I'm now at the front, but it makes more sense to leave them on the page you posed the question.

I have no clue where I saw your ad, but I think it was on the mspfanventures site. Bina staring at the crack just spoke to me. Since then I've been recommending it to a few people, though a few said not for me when I gave warning of the "Wire in the Arm" scene.

Hi DCHorror! Welcome to the PTP!

Yeah, the wire through the arm thing (and the dying puppy thing) do kind of weed people out a bit. It's why I started billing this explicitly as a horror comic, despite not entirely following that genre much these days.

There's some grim stuff in here, it's just levened by sillyness and sass.

Brendan Wells:
Aaaah! The "Next" button disappeared!

I've been reading so many +1 Reader notes over my 1.5 week binge… I'm happy I get to add my own before the end!

I've left a few comments along the way, but to summarize: I love your use of physics; I love the believable, compelling world you've created; I *adore* your characters and the complex, real issues they tackle; and your art is *inspiring*.

So, um, yeah… Glad I made it to the PTP! :-D

(Oh, and the retcon links worked and weren't too confusing, though the wiki also helped with that)

Hi Brendan!

I'm glad you enjoyed yourself, and I'm really glad you liked the physics stuff! I've been kind of worried that someone who really knows physics would read through it at some point and tell me like 'Wow, dude, you got it all really dumb and wrong.'

So I'm glad you didn't think that!