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"Uhh… "

Joggers: Jog home

Joggers: jog home.

>Joggers: Go home.

Unhatly Behavior:
>Joggers: realize this is Somebody Else's Problem

"Yeah! Yeah we're going!"

"But - "

"We're going!"

[size=8]"What just happened?"
"You saw that right?!"
"Is she an alien?"
"Shut up! Lets just get out of here."[/size]

Watching the joggers beat a confused retreat down the stairs, Kendra decides that, while it could have gone better, it could also have gone considerably worse.


Just read this all the way through! It only took me two full days.
Love this story. The plot? The characters? The mechanics? The art frequently changing? The player interaction? All great. I have no clue why I haven't seen this before.
I'll have to stay up to date on this.

Hi Huh! Welcome to the PTP! Glad you made it!

As for why you haven't heard of it, first, there's lots of webcomics out there. There's lots of great webcomics out there… and I am not super great at self promotion.

If you wanted to tell all yours pals about it, that would be cool!