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>Kendra: Fall in a more timely manner.

Ha ha! Stayed on her feet this time!

Take that time travel!

"What in the - " says someone who definitely should not be on a mountain in the middle of a supernatural thunderstorm.


So, people have been talking about Kendra's gift for several years now, and I always enjoy it, but the same ideas do tend to get recycled.

So - just to stir the pot a little, here are five true things:

First, Kendra does have a gift.

Second, Kendra's gift has nothing to do with her technical expertise. She's very smart and has spent most of her life intending to design and build airplanes and space ships. Her lack of formal education does not indicate a lack of knowledge.

Third, Kendra's gift is subtle, it's unlikely that anyone in the story will figure out what it does, though there is a conversation that is coming up where it may be possible to find out.

Fourth, it would be considerably easier to figure out what Kendra's gift is, as it has been mentioned in passing a few times, then to figure out why the Botfly gave it to her. The answer to that is heavy spoilers.

Fifth, Elizabeth has a gift too.

Happy hunting!