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… This is your sonic screwdriver, isn't it.

"Wait! Is that a sonic screwdriver?" asks Amie, her fear, guilt, annoyance, and exasperation momentarily overwhelmed by a lifetime of geekdom.

Regular old time travel.

"Uhh… no, it's just a time machine," says Bina. "I guess it kinda looks like one, a screwdriver I mean, but it has this flywheel thing attached to it."

"More time travel?" asks Emmie. "I thought we were going ot try to cut back on that."

"Yeah, I'm not super happy about it either," says Kendra. "But we do need the equations from the book if we're going to jump between timelines aaaand I suppose it saves us several hours of Moment integrity."


Daniel Johns:
Finally my primary temporal position is synced to Bina and the gang! Started one night during my night shift and then I couldn't stop, coming back each night while I was at work to read more and more. I've finally got caught up (which I hate cause now I have to wait patiently for new updates but is good as I can get back to my normal nightly routine now lol) and can't wait to see where this goes from here. Honestly great job with this. I've loved seeing the different animation styles and the plot (which can be a bit confusing at times but that's time travel) really draws you in.

Hi Daniel! Thank you, and welcome to the PTP! I'm really glad you enjoyed yourself! Please stick around and make suggestions!