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Go and put it in the trashcan outside. You don't want to hold onto something that was in someone else's mouth.

Err, yeah. She should probably get rid of this. She's not going to trash it though. It might be gross but maybe they'll want it back?

You can put teeth back in right? Dentists can do that?

She doesn't know. It's late and she doesn't want to think very hard. She just feels crappy tossing the tooth. It's part of someone you know?


Where to put it? She can't just put it back on the floor.

>Place tooth cautiously on a desk

She puts it carefully on the table next to the box.

Dang, that washing machine is really kicking up a racket.

All right already! She's coming! Hold your horses!

She hurries back to the washing machines.

> Throw tooth away; go to fix your clothes.

Bina notices that it isn't one of HER washing machines that's making all the noise.