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"OK! Well, we'd better setup. You think we should do it out here or inside?"

"Inside I think," says Kendra. "No need to get even more rained on."

Nobody points out that Kendra is, by far, the least drenched of all of them, having only sacrificed her umbrella mere moments ago.

"Setup? Where are we? Better question, when are we?" asks Amie.

"Oh we're now," says Kendra. "If the green team gets to use time travel as teleportation, so do we."

"And as for where we are…" says Bina. "Look behind you. It should be obvious."

"We're on the mountain. I thought we could use a little space, and like I said - no sewers."


A note for people who don't live in Montreal: Yes, there is actually a mountain here. It's quite nice.

There's apparently a pond at the top? I just learned that today.