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"Well… I mean - that worked," says Bina. "I'm going to count that as a -"

Kendra: looks like Emmie needs a hug.

"Emmie! God, that was supposed to be me that got grabbed. I'm sorry!"

Liam White:
Hug: Trigger sickness.

"I - it's - really am - going to - heuurk!"

Everyone: Don't forget about Horatio who's probably still, you know, right over there.

"OK yeah, that… yikes! Better out then in, I guess," says Kendra. "Bina? We better get going, Horatio's coming back down - where the heck are the science geeks?"


Sarah Hubbard:
I've been a +1 reader for a long time, but I finally decided to get a disqus account so I could comment. :P This. Story. Is. FANTASTIC!!!!! Kudos to you, Jack, for your dedication!!!!

Here goes a suggestion:
This may be an unnecessary diversion, but I think it could be really interesting and possibly useful if Horatio (or more accurately, the human that Horatio once was) had a dream sequence describing what exactly he/she saw all those years ago at Astre Sucre.

Josephine told us the end result–that they were all erased from existence–but did this person see something that could help somehow in defeating or neutralizing the Botfly? Could Bina & Co turn Its power against It? Could Bina actually use Horatio to gain access to that time and place?

So many ideas, sorry! :P

Hi Sarah! Welcome to the PTP! Don't worry, you never have to apologize for idea! Ideas are great. :)

I'm glad you're choosing to do the whole talking thing, that is super cool!

Thank you so much for reading!