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"Hi Emmie!" chirps Bina, then. "Err… yeah, sorry for the whole, you know, everything…"

Emmie: Notice yourself freaking out, and that the very act of freaking out means you're somehow not dead.

"T-twice!" he manages, before he starts retching.


Bob Stewart:
Holy crap!! I just caught up too! Now if I only had a good suggestion…
Anyway, amazing adventure, great characters and remarkable dedication. You are certainly more persistent than R.C. Monroe (In Here, Out There and Cliche Flambe - all "on hiatus" for up to 3 years).

Hi Bob! Welcome to the PTP! Thank you for reading. I would never nock anyone for going on hiatus. This stuff is time consuming.

The fact that I have been able to do what I've done for so long has been down to the fact that my life is remarkably stable, and that is mostly a result of a series of lucky accidents.