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"No, a little futher - a little - almost there!"

"OK! Far enough."

"Bina…" says Kendra, more then a little worry creeping into her voice.

"Right! That's far enough for you too Horatio!"

"Aaand boop!"


There's no next button. I caught up with the current updates?! Omigosh, does this mean I can start yelling at the characters to do things now? Or is that a special power only granted to the worthy? HOW DO I JOIN THE SHENANIGANS?

Hi Katie! Welcome to now! The power was within you all along!


Found this yesterday via TvTropes and somehow i've caught up. 1.5 days of solid reading because I have no self control. I just want to say thank you. Thank you for the amazing artwork, the impressive update schedule and most importantly, not abandoning this story. There are too many great adventures that get discarded halfway through, especially in the world of quests/interactive webcomics. Also this is the only story since Weaver with Nan and Ruby, that has gripped me with the inherent wrongness of the horror, especially at the start. Now I just need to choose between waiting for this to finish so I can binge to the finale or finally join in with making suggestions for the first time. Keep on keeping on. We're all along for the ride.

Hi Altimo! There is… a surprising amount of people who find this place through TVTropes. Glad you made it! Wow! That was a lot of reading very quickly. :O

I hope you stick around and read as we go, 'cause I'd like to see your suggestions, and… well… we don't know when we're getting to the end, so it could still be a while!

New OFFICIAL +1 reader here! I started reading late night of the 14th and could NOT stop reading, omg this adventure is SOOOO GOOD!! And I would have made it to PTP yesterday, but abused brain insisted on sleep, so I passed out and slept for 14 hours when only 10 minutes more reading would have finally brought me to PTP!
No Regrets!
Zach, this comic is just the best! YOU are totally the BEST! It's hard to believe just one person could write and draw so much wonderful awesome, updating every single day for so very long! You masterfully take us from actual Laugh Out Loud funny, to so scary that kittehs must be seized and cuddled for comfort; and then back again.
That moment when you first showed us just the animated hand of a Naught, and the freaky, jerky, horrifying way it moved all so very WRONG ranks up there as the single most frightening moment I've seen in any web comic, ever. Congratulations on all your achievements–multiple Iron Man awards, multiple great comic Moments, and overall excellence in creating a great comic. I think it's time you put up a Paypal tip jar link (make it separate from your regular account if you already have one.) I believe that at the very least we would all want to buy you lunch somewhere nice–I know I would. Thank you for destroying my sleep cycle in the best of all possible ways. :)

Hi Gaeilal! Welcome to the PTP! Thank you for all your nice complements! I am really glad you had so much fun.

I've had a few people mention setting up a Paypal link or something, but part of my admittedly weird deal with myself regarding this comic was that I would not try and monitize it. Next thing I do you can buy me a beer!

I hope you got some sleep.

All these people reading so quickly… ;)