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"Why aren't you freaking out!?! It's getting away!"

"Amie - Amie, look at me."

"But -"

"Look at me!"

"Amie, this is me, OK? Bina. Queen of Freaking Out. High Poobah of Anxiety Attacks that Fuck with Her Life. Am I freaking out right now?"

"No! But-"

"Is Kendra freaking out?"


"No," repeats Bina. "'Cause we got this."

"Right," says Kendra "But you might want to actually do the thing because it's about to get out of visual range and then-"

"Yeah yeah, OK, I'm doing the thing. Amie? You gotta move a little."


Bina's being less Doctor Who, and more Gene Wilder as Willy Wonka. She's gotten really really cold.

Yeeeeeah, this is a little more in character for Bina then just being snippy.