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"Dammit Horatio!" says Bina. "Now I owe Kendra a beer!"

Kendra: grab the axe and axe the naught a question

"You're going to owe me a new boyfriend if you don't fix this. Gimme the axe!"

"Nuh uh! If you hit him with my axe I'll lose my axe, Horatio will have a new stabby choppy bit, and Emmie will still be stuck!"

"Not if I just hit it's arms."

"Yeah - but you also might hit Emmie."

"Do you have an alternative!?"

"Plan B! It'll work just as well for him as it would for you."

"Oh! OK, yeah, that'll work."

Unhatly Behavior:

"Will you two stop bantering for one second and HELP ME!?"