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Techno Gray:
The fact that this panel focuses on Amie (and Lia and Wong) makes me think this is somehow all part of Bina and Kendra's plan.

"Why would we be in the Moment?" asks Bina. "That sounds inconvenient. We're just the next place we need to be."

"Which… is?" asks Amie.

"Hey! Is this behind the Omer Deserres?" asks Lia, who has been looking around. "The art supply place? I think I bought drugs back here once."

I'm introducing a new character just so I can give it instructions: Camera!
>Camera: Pull back so we can see where we are.

Which is, of course, when Emmie starts screaming.


A Note for Non-Canadians : Omer Deserres is a well known art supply store chain in Quebec.