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Sleepy Savior:
I just need to say, I am absolutely amazed by how much your art has improved over time, especially in the six months since I found this series. You just keep getting better and better in big leaps

Aah! Thank you for saying that (as I do a page of mostly scribbles and bloom…)! I can't really see my own art, like, objectively evaluate it, so it's really nice to hear this!

just binged this over a three day period about two weeks ago, does no one else wonder why the tech levels are so disparate? B3 clearly was a brilliant physicist, with access to hard light technology. B12 is a journalism student.

Side note, super brave, as a writer the thought of this terrifies me.

Hi Jeff! Welcome to the PTP! Thank you for reading and, if I'm being honest, it terrifies me too at times!

As to your question, James is right. B3, and subsequent Bina's, had a lot of time to figure this stuff out, though how B3 created her first time machine is something we haven't touched on yet.

We might! Stay tuned.

Magic hobo:
So I kinda need to know if you're taking audience suggestions or you showcase the comments that correctly guess the direction the story is going in. I feel a little bad now.

I like this question. I have answered it before, but my perspective on this keeps changing over time, so I think it's something I should keep answering as it shows up.

The short answer is that I pick the suggestion that I think is best for the adventure. Not best for the story, I've picked numerous suggestions in the past that have slowed things down or bypassed scenes that I thought were important, and I've picked things that move too fast or too slow or ignore what I consider to be the more dramatic choice.

I picked them because they were best for the adventure as a whole, not just for the story. What makes a comment 'best for the adventure'? It depends. Sometimes it's a suggestion for a perspective I didn't anticipate or an action I found interesting, sometimes it's a clever turn of phrase or a funny idea, sometimes it's just 'Can I afford to draw this tonight?', that last one being way more common then I'd like to admit.

Sometimes it is picking the suggestion that matches what I think should happen next… but that's not what happened here. In my original conception of this scene, they got away clean. You were not the only person to suggest that a Naught should come along, but on the day where I had to make that that decision, you had the best suggestion.

The decision though was mine. I could have ignored your suggestion, and I would have, if I didn't think it was a good idea.

So it goes… :)