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Magic hobo:
Everyone >> Grab on.

Magic hobo:
Naughts >> Think this applies to you as well.


In which I comment:
Just caught up yesterday! Really happy to finally be in the PTP with you guys! I had written a long comment about story development and speculation and was really bummed out when I couldn't see it here. I think it got blocked as spam because I mentionned the name of the website I saw an ad for ANL on.

I think Emmie shouldn't make it to the others. Maybe his glasses fly out and it's the only thing that reaches Bina and Co in time to get to the moment.

Hi In Which I Comment! Welcome to the PTP! I originally typed that as the PTC, so I think I'm just going bow to the inevitable and make it my thing now that I always mess that up.

Anyway! I had not checked the spam filter in a few days and I am sorry your comment, as well as a few others, got caught in there. I've approved it now. I'll try to keep a better watch on that, or… possibly turn it off. We haven't attracted any spambots and the only things that get caught in there are comments like yours. :(