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This black stuff. It's got something to do with the green light. That much is pretty much certain.

The green stuff, it's maybe a residue or some kind of fallout from whatever it was that Josephine did a century ago.

>Maybe the green you have is the opposite of the black, to keep it at bay? And since you carry the green power it's attracted to you?

The dog had green stuff inside of it, and it pulsed with this nauseating black static. Now Bina… Bina ALSO has the green stuff inside of her, and things are pulsing with black static again.

>It's only surrounding the blood and the guy.
What's so special about him in reference to this?

Obviously, whatever this is is somehow attached to living (or previously living?) things.

But only the dead guy and his blood. If it were only attracted to living things why did she see it around the Loader just a few minutes ago? It wasn't as strong as this, but it was there.

It was there when she was close to it.

Is she, or the… whatever within her, doing this?


> Cautiously unwrap your arm again.

Maybe if she just…

>Try touching the corpse on the arm. You have to try.

… reached out and…


> Bina: Surely it couldn't hurt. While no one is looking… Just a taste.




*giggles madly*