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"Kendra! Don't forget the -"

"I got it. I got it."

"Emmie!" yells Bina. "Get your butt down here!"


Writing and drawing action sure is time consuming.

Sam Anderson:
Finally broke the next button; took five mostly attentive ten hour nights over the course of 2 weeks. From here on out: Chinese water torture. Thank you kindly for those fifty hours and all the rest to come.

Hi Sam! Welcome to the PTP! That is a great way to describe catching up btw, I may steal that. Please stick around and make suggestions!

Samara Shortridge:
well shoot. What will I do instead of homework now?

Do you have a pen because I have so many ideas!?

My first suggestion is Night in the Woods. It's part of the crop of unfairly amazing indie games that have come out this year and I highly recommend it for all your homework avoiding needs.

Also thank you for reading and welcome to the PTP!