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Emmie: Explain that the cops are gone and that means we should all be not here.

"All the cops decided to take a coffee break at the same time!"

Amie says, "That doesn't necessarily mean -"

"They also all decided to wash their upholstery by leaving their doors open in the rain."

"Oh," says Amie. "Well butts."

"What!?" says Wong. "They left!?"

"Yep!", says Bina, ignoring Wong. "That meets my criteria for bullshittery! Time to go! Kendra? You good?"


+1 reader. Zach, this is an amazing story. I read 1400 pages created by a random internet stranger in 4 days! Thank you for creating it (and thank you to all the readers who have been around for longer than I have for your contributions as well).

Hi Jaelen! Welcome to the PTA. Thank you for reading your way through those 1400 pages. Nicely done! I hope you stick around and make more suggestions!