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"What are you doing?"

"I don't know," says Bina. "It just feels appropriate."



Wow, that sure took longer then expected, huh? Like a week! Jeeze! Better put it to good use!


So normally I make an Iron Man reference in these things, so… Iron Man! Woo!

This has been a strange, often exhausting, sometimes stressful, but always rewarding experience.

As we move forwards, I don't know if I'll be able to wrap everything up as neatly as I would like. I've talked about how Calvinball works, and how, without the ability to edit, one loses your ability to maneuvre as more and more of the story is published.

I have, in my darker moments, thought that the best thing I could do for this comic would be to leave it unfinished, as the unfinished games of Calvinball are the most appreciated (see: Firefly, Carnivale, Pushing Daisies), and the finished ones often disappoint (see: Battlestar Gallactica, Lost, Homestuck).

I won't do that. My pride won't let me, and you, my long term collaborators, deserve more.

I am landing this ship, I am finishing this story, and while it may be a bumpy landing, land we shall.

I didn't expect to make it one year, I didn't plan too, and every year I've thought it was the last. I can't say I know when the end will arrive, I've given up trying to estimate, but when it does, however it happens, I want you all to understand, at least a little, how much I appreciate you coming on this strange, long, fast, slow journey with me.

Thank you very much.