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Kendra>Read book
Emmie>Obsess over Kendra reading book

Yeah, why are we not getting some book-reading action yet?

Emmie>Obsess over Kendra reading book while keeping an eye out for Naughts…You know, like you said you were.

"How can you be reading a book?"

"Well," says Kendra. "I do this thing with my eyes where I run them back and forth over the -"

"No I don't - I mean I don't like this."

"I told you to bring an umbrella."

"That's not what I meant. Doesn't it seem… quiet to you?"

"Maybe the cops are being helpful for once and keeping everyone back."

"Yeah, but if they were doing that, wouldn't they have come to check out all the shouting and smashing?"


Hurley, Chimeric and MidnightDStroyer:
Author > Torment your readers

I… cannot resist…