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>Bina: Explain the obvious

"Omission isn't lying!" says Bina, punctuating her sentences with blows from the axe. "Technically. I don't lie to myself. I just suck! At! Communicating!"

She finally starts getting into a rhythm at this point.

"Nothing in the journals about the dreams!"


"Nothing in the journals about the backpacks!"


"Nothing in the journals about this wall!"


"So… what do you do Amie," asks Bina, breathing hard and leaning on the axe. "If you think someone might be reading your mail?"


Aaaaah! I just caught up! Found this through an ad on another webcomic and haven't thought about much else until I got caught up. Simply fantastic, and the best way to spend the days leading up to graduation.

Congratulations on your graduation! Glad you caught up. Stick around, we're about to hit four years. ;)

(also I commend your choice of avatar, well done)