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"You ever wonder about this?" asks Bina, gesturing with the axe.

"What?" asks Amie. "I'm not sure wh-"

"Me neither. Not 'till now."


Argh, ok, the link back to the start of a retcon IS a good idea, but it's also a little tricky. I'll have to modify my database a little, because right now, it's the retcon entries themselves that know which page they're dependent on, not the other way around.

Also Argh again, 'cause I completely forgot that my entirely inadequate 'About' page was still even active on the site. I thought I'd removed it a while ago. I might put danny's big block of text there, as xooxu suggests.

Waow! I caught up! Woo, I caught up before the end! When I started reading this I assumed it was finished for some reason, and it only occurred to me today, when I saw posts from 6 months ago, that it might still be going!

It seemed like it would be a pretty close thing whether I would catch up in time to join in, and I'm really pleased that I have! Also this means I'm gonna get to bed before midnight tonight. (I live in Scotland, so I have 15 minutes to do that)

And despite all this thinking about it, I was still surprised when I hit the 'no next button' moment. :-)

This is totally amazing, by the way, I am slightly terrified at the daily updates you've kept up for so long, and very impressed by your fantastic storytelling. Thanks!

Aah! Thank you so much for reading!

I'm really glad you enjoyed yourself and caught up. To be honest I am slightly terrified as well. We're just about to hit four years, which is a scary amount of time to work on a single project.

Of course, then I go look at One Piece and I feel silly, but still!