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"Are you the one who wrote that stuff on the wall?" asks Lia.

"Yes," says Bina. "Some of me."

"We were in there earlier trying to get photographs, but it's just like the rest of this place, everything turns out just wiggly green nothing. Are you going to write something else on it?" asks Lia.

"No, I'm going to smash it with this axe."

Chaz Wallace:
Lia > still amused offer assistance getting in.

"That was my second guess." says Lia. "It's not locked. You can just go in."

"God, stop helping her!" moans Wong.

"It's OK, I have some experience with this," says Bina. "And, while I know they're a little crude, doornobs are good at their job."

"But why were you - you - with the axe and the brandishing!?" says Amie.

"Amie, if I brandish this axe in earnest, you will know I am brandishing this axe, and second, if I were going to break in I would just smash one of the many fragile and easily accessible windows, not try to hack through a metal door with an axe. I'm crazy, but I'm not that crazy."

"Come along!"


danny in canada:
here, put this on the front page.


Hmm! Good idea. I need to do something, but I'm not sure putting a big block of text right at the start would help. A note about the retcons though is something of a must.

I was thinking of putting the cookie number somewhere visible, so people could tell how far ahead their computer thinks they've read, as well as a 'Reset' button on the main navigation bar, which would reset your cookie to the current page.

What do you all think?