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"Wait!" says Amie.


"Are you sure you want to do this?"

"Uhhh… pretty sure, yeah." says Bina.

"But isn't it sort of barbaric?"

"Oh I don't know," says Bina. "I mean - I don't really have a better choice if I want to get in there. It's a bit crude maybe, but we're all out of sonic screwdrivers."

"We could ask the science guys. I bet they have a key!"

[size=8]"What are you doing!?" hisses Wong. "Why are you dragging us into this!?"[/size]


+1 reader. Caught up after around 3-4 days, reading intermitantly.

Hi TaliaMei! Welcome to the Primary Temporal Position!

By the by, is Bina's jacket by any chance a less ridiculous version of Neo's matrix jacket? Has someone already pointed this out? (Is Kendra's outfit based on Morpheus?) Nevermind on that one, I checked again on the picture I was looking at, and while Morpheus does have a scarfy sort of thing, it's pretty different.

Well spotted!

Yes, Bina is wearing Neo's coat, in pink, and Amie is wearing a cross between your outfit (I loved the shorts but I made the shirt a jacket) and Ayla's outfit.

Emmie of course is wearing this:

… at least the sweater.