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Magic hobo:
Wong >> Do NOT give this clearly crazy lady any information on where to find weaponry.

"Absolutely not, do you think we're idiots? We're not going to give you -"

"They're over there on the tool rack," says Lia, pointing. "Behind the tents."


Wolph Strykes:
>Lia: "I… kinda want to see where this is going."

"I wanna see what she does with it."

"She's going to kill us!" says Wong, enunciating each word.

"I don't think so," says Lia. "I mean - these other three know her, and they don't seem particularly worried. Hi! By the way, I'm Lia, nice to meet you, I think."

"Hi," says Amie, with a wave. "I'm Amie."

"Hello Lia, I'm not here," says Emmie.

"I am worried," says Kendra, her voice mild and unconcerned. "But I've just learned to roll with it. If she comes at you with the axe, aim for the knees."

Bina's voice floats from behind the tents, "I hear someone talking when she should be reading!"

"I am reading! It's called multitasking!"

"Oh god, we're dead," says Wong.