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"Hey! You can't be here. This is private property, and like, an active crime scene, a subsidence risk, and about ten other things that say you can't be here."

"Dude!" hisses Lia. "What are you doing!? These are them."

"Them who?" asks Wong, very confused, and getting annoyed at this whole situation.

"Them them!" says Lia, flailing a bit. "The people Liz told us about! The people the scary lady on the phone was talking about? The uh… the time travellers?"

She says those last two words doing that thing with your mouth where you clench your teeth and talk out of the corner of your mouth.


Add NPCs to party?
> yes > no


Unhatly Behavior:

YES!!!! Roll for stats!

Everyone come close… please. No, a little closer. Yes, there good.

Look… We have to finish this story. I know you like making friends but we can't… we can't just keep picking up all these characters.

At first it's all fun and games but then they need plotlines, and backstories, and angst… we just gotta keep moving.