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[size=8]"- saying is, one chance, that's it. That's all she gets."

"That's all I was suggesting! They almost never take it anyway!"

"Will you two shut up? I'm trying to read here."[/size]

"Lia?" says Wong. "What is going on?"

Flip the camera to show our time bandits doing something that looks like it has exactly zero reasonable explanations.

"There was like a - a I dunno a something - and then a flash - and then they were just - I think these are them, man."


Haha! This will learn me to make scary art mistakes.

Phoenix Kasten:
Hi there - i practically binged the story in about 2 weeks. i haven't
read the forums, so i don't know if this has already been discussed…
::spoiler theory::
Have we found out that Bina (or one of the Binas) is the "Green Lady" yet?
Did we notice that Gregor's comunication device is the Moment with additional Time Machine parts?

LOVE the story!

Hi Phoenix! Welcome to the primary temporal position! Glad you loved it, please stick around and make suggestions!

As to your questions, there has been much speculation on both of those topics. :)