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"Well… good."

Note that she's using past tense.

Yeah usually when a person brings up something like this without prompt, it means they want you to know they actually are.

"Have… other people suggested that?" asks Emmie.

"Yeah, a couple-a times," says Amie, frowning.


"My tenth-grade school councillor thought she was really clever."

"I see."

"Yeah, well. I was dealing with some stuff then, OK?" says Amie, hunching her shoulders ."My parents were doing the whole 'our marriage is over but we're in denial about it' two-step and stuff - but that doesn't mean I did it on purpose. It was an accident."

"Right," says Emmie.

"It's just… like after, just for a moment I thought like, if I had fallen just a bit to the right -"

"- well, then… I dunno, I'd have been the girl who got impaled on the tree."


Unhatly Behavior:
Disqus brought me here from another comic. Love this, love everyone in it, and really love the drawing style in this scene. Is there a reason you chose these colors for Emmie and Amie? Other than visual appeal?
At any rate, thanks for sharing your time and art with us.

Hey! Thank you for sharing your comment, and I'm glad you enjoyed yourself!

I would love to say I had a cool symbolic reason for the colour choice for Emmie and Amie, but well… green and red have major symbolic meanings in this story, and there just aren't that many other colours…

Also Amie is sad and so she's blue?

I'm sorry! Visual punning! It happen sometimes!