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It's called a 'switchback'.

"A 'switchback'?"

"Yeah! A switchback."

"There was one outside my school."

"Your school was on a cliff?"

"I guess? It was sort of on the side of a hill, but they'd cut away half the hill, for some reason, so the street on one side was like five stories higher then the street on the other side."

"That's… odd."

"Yeah I guess, I mean - I suppose they couldn't really build a school on the actual side of a hill, so they just flattened it."

"Did you play on this cliffside path?"

"No, we weren't allowed, I just walked up and down it afterschool. It had these cool sort of gardens on each of the landings."

"That sounds pretty, if perhaps a bit dangerous."

"It was, but I suppose I didn't really notice it much at the time - it was just the way I got to school. Anyway, one day, when I was on my way home, I fell."