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"Do you mind if I ask… why?"

"I dunno," says Amie. "I just - I've been thinking about a lotta stuff."

"This whole situation does tend to lend itself to introspection," says Emmie, who has been doing quite a lot of thinking of his own.

Amie: tell us a story about you. Something that makes you who you are. A deep dark secret no one knows.

"Heh, yeah," agrees Amie. Then, out of nowhere, she says. "You know, I nearly died once."

"In the basement?" asks Emmie.

"Oh, err… well there too I suppose, but this was before."

She doesn't seem inclined to continue, so Emmie prompts her, "Were you sick?"

"No, not sick. It was at school, when I was a kid. There was this… what do you call it when a trail goes up a cliff?"

Amie gestures vaguely with her fingers.

"A… ladder?" guesses Emmie, not having any idea what she's talking about.

"No!" says Amie, getting annoyed with herself. "When it's a path but it goes up a cliff? It turns back and forth a lot?"