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Amie> admit that you fear you are an unwitting henchman.

"Do you ever wonder if you're a horrible person?"

Emmie thinks about that for a second and then says, "Not particularly."

"Well of course you don't," says Amie.

Rain Walker:
>Amie, Emmie: Discuss

"Ah, no, you misunderstand. I am distracted from worrying about whether I am a horrible person by my constant anxiety about whether I am worthy or not."

"Worthy of… what?"

"Everything?" suggests Emmie. "Of the opportunities I've been given I suppose? Of the life that I lead."

"A lot of people worked very hard to give me a chance to get where I am, often for reasons I don't really understand," says Emmie. "And even then, all of that effort would have been worth less then nothing if I hadn't also been extremely lucky. So… I think about that a lot. Of who I might have been, had the dice landed another way."

"Oh," says Amie.

"I suppose all this talk of other timelines has brought that to mind," says Emmie. He sighs, "But I've made this about me. Sorry. Have you been wondering if you're a horrible person?"

"… maybe a little," says Amie.


That guy what's made of cheese:
And I have to be at work in four hours and fifteen minutes, but how am I supposed to sleep now?

Oh no! I hope your day wasn't too blargh!