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"Uhh… hey."

"Wha - oh jeeze."

Amie pulls the robe back on.

"Sorry," says Emmie, not sure if he should look away as she is still wearing a shirt. "I didn't mean to -"

"It's fine - it's my own stupid - I just - I've got nothing that fits me here, and I'm so sick of this robe."

"What happened to the labcoat?"

"It's the same thing…"

"We could break into some of those places, I guess," says Emmie gesturing at the houses. "The ones that are left."

"I could use some clothes myself. One pair of scrubs is… not exactly enough."

"We can?" asks Amie, with the mixture of suspicion and hope one might expect for someone with access to precisely one pair of underwear. "Break in I mean?"

"Sure - I mean, I assume so. This place is like a photocopy of the real world, right? I haven't really thought through the morality of it, but I don't think it counts as stealing."

"I suppose…" says Amie.

"I brought you some water."