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Tigers don't talk, or try to talk to YOU. The fact that it attempted to communicate indicates it understands (or at least thinks) that YOU can understand IT.

"She's not a tiger!" says Amie, trying one last time. "She tried to communicate with you-"

"She didn't."

"But - you just said-"

"I said she talked to me, she wasn't trying to communicate."

"Oh my god!" says Amie. "You can't just -"

"Perhaps we could take it down a notch?" suggests Emmie.

"Just a little. I mean - we're all on the same team here."

Bina realizes that she's been raising her voice. She tries again, aiming for calm and almost making it, "Right, I know it sounds like I'm splitting hairs, but, Amie, she wasn't trying to convince me or to understand me. She tried to manipulate me, and then got stroppy when it didn't work."

Robin Alquist:
This. Wild animals aren't intelligent. The Botfly clearly is. You're not locked in a box with a tiger, you're locked in a box with a 5 year old waving a shotgun around like a toy.

"But she can talk," says Amie. "She talks to Gregor! She's not a mindless animal, she's more like, I dunno, like a kid with a shotgun. We have to give her a chance!"