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It's the stuff you're supposed to keep INSIDE you.

The person in here hasn't been doing a very good job at that recently.

> Looking at the wound more closely may reveal more about the situation regarding the death.

The skin is waxy and, looking closer (and there is no way that she can AVOID looking closer, the slash in the man's neck pulls her eyes in like a magnet), she notices tiny stubble at the corners of the wound.

He must have forgotten to shave today.

The tear in his neck is too big its -



>Was he perhaps murdered with a shovel?

Its the perfect size.

The perfect size of wound to have if you were, say, hit in the neck with a metal shovel wielded by three-hundred pound man.

For instance.

Just for example.

>Don't scream or anything okay

She's not going to scream.

A deep sense of unreality has fallen over Bina. This can't be happening right? It's too ridiculous. There's too much blood. And there should be more fanfare. This is a horrific reveal isn't it? Shouldn't there be an operatic musical sting? A thrum of violins in minor chords?

Oooh look!

It's scary!

A boooooooooody!

But there's nothing. Just the sound of the rain outside, a meaty metallic smell that reminds her of the butcher shop, and a dead man on the floor.