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was what a tooth

That thing right there. On the floor.

It's probably not a tooth. It's probably just a piece of gum. Bina bends down and -

> Nonsense; nobody has entered since. It's probably a trick of the lights.

It's a tooth.

It's totally a tooth. A front tooth, if she had to guess, which apparently now she DOES, because holy crap why is there a tooth on the ground?

Have you thought about the fact that only crazy people see what is really there? Such as 'run away' and 'meat'.
> Investigate 'tooth'. Something weird is going on here.

What? No. She told you that none of that happened.

Oh… would you look at that.

There's some… there's some blood on it too. Like it was knocked, or torn out.

Bina feels the hairs on her arms stand on end.

She suddenly feels very alone. Her roommate was asleep when she came home from work, and didn't hear her leave.

Nobody knows where she is right now.

If she vanished. Who would know?

Can anyone else hear that buzzing noise coming from the staff room?

What? There's no buzzing coming from the staff room.

But now that you mention it there… is another sound though. Bina realizes that she's been hearing it for a while, but she hadn't noticed it until right now.

It's a rhythmic, wet, sloshing sort of noise. She stands, paralyzed for a second, her heart racing, trying to place the noise…

And then the tension leaves her in a rush and she sags.

Of course! It's just one of her laundry machines out of balance. Probably something got knotted together and she just has to go pull her pillowcase out of her shorts or something.

That's all. She's just overtired and is spooking herself.

That's it. Of course that's it.