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"I think so," says Bina. "I mean, do you want to keep going Amie?"

Pff, you can't start a crazy wall and not finish it. That's just not done.

"Hmm? Oh! Yeah. Totally. Look, without all the gaps filled in we can't really know a lot of stuff for sure. Like, right now, it looks like confronting Team Green directly is what leads to a loop, but I could be totally wrong about that."

"Yeah… it's going to be hard to figure that one out because the journals just end."

"All right," says Kendra. "So, let's keep going then."

"You're going to help?" asks Amie.

"I'm not having any luck with the danged time machine today. Maybe tomorrow morning me and Bina can put our heads together and get it working, but I'm done for now."

"OK! Uh… thanks." says Bina.

"So… how do we do this? The wall thing."

"Well Bina's been reading the journals," says Amie. "Then I write them down and stick them on the wall?"

"So, which one of you needs help?"

"I guess Bina?" says Amie. "Even with moving stuff around on the wall to make room I'm usually the one waiting."

"I'm going as fast as I can!" says Bina. "It's hard to figure out how to format them. I wasn't really writing with 'individual events that fit on a sticky note' in mind."

"That works for me," says Kendra, "I've read most of these."


"Just to be clear - do we have a special syntax or something for recording Bina's weird sex fantasies or -"