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"Speaking of jumps," says Amie. "Did you finish your time machine?"

"Oh!" says Bina. "I wasn't awake when all that was happening. Why are you building a time machine again?"

"I'm not building one," says Kendra. "I'm sort of combining two of the ones we have."

"Two of them?"

"Yeah, one of Eleven's and one of Eight's, I think I can get them to work together if I can figure out how to make a proper seal for the paradox flywheel, but so far, no dice."

"Why do we need another time machine?" asks Bina.

"'Cause the x-files nicked our good one," says Amie, then looks at Kendra for confirmation. "Right?"

"And because we shouldn't be using the Moment for travel," says Kendra. "It's too fragile at this point, and it's almost out of juice. We need another n-instant machine, and the only one that was remotely portable is being held by the x-files. These two together won't be quite instant, but I think I can get the ratio up pretty high."

"I could probably get them to give the other one back…"

"Are you sure about that? They wouldn't just grab us and make us explain things for hours?"

"Probably?" says Bina, not able to hide her doubt. "The Phenomenology people are pretty on-board with helping us, but they're not communicating very well so we could run into problems locally I guess."

"How did your second chat with Her High X-Files-ey-ness go?" asks Amie

"Oh! Um… Ok," says Bina. "I asked her to turn off the internet."


I have a cold again! Ahh!