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"These are really good!" says Bina.

"Don't spill crumbs on Amie's bed," says Kendra. "And gimme one."

"So is Emmie Haitian?" asks Amie.

"Yeah, he came to Montreal when he was sixteen."

"Are you Haitian?" asks Bina.

"My dad was," says Kendra. "My Mom's from Louisiana."

"So wait, hold on," says Amie. "Hold on."

"Your boyfriend-"

"He's not my boyfriend."

"Your boyfriend is a doctor AND he can cook?"

"Yes," says Kendra, in a discouraging tone of voice.

"Does he have a twin brother?"


"Sister? I'm not picky."

"No! What was the thing you found out?"

"Oh right!" says Amie. "That whole deal!"


Hey everyone! I have a request. Does anyone know a good place to host about 500 megs of images?

I've been using a public folder on DropBox since the start of All Night Laundry, and they're discontinuing that functionality next month, so I need to port all images somewhere else.

I feel like you should be proud of what you have done. I was catching up the last three days, and after reading the comments, I reloaded the page with a narrow and unfounded hope that you had uploaded the next page in the 30 seconds since i loaded the page, and I am certain to do so again right after I post this comment. Maybe I'll get lucky.

Thank you! I do feel really proud of what I've done, and I'm really glad you enjoyed yourself catching up!

I usually update the comic around midnight Eastern Standard Time. Sometimes later, sometimes a little earlier.

I hope you stick around and comment!

aaah, okay, I told myself "M166" so that must mean this is the day I am wrote the note that I will going to have read back on January 26th when I'm will started to read this story.
Time travel grammar sucks. and +1 reader.
btw, RubyQuest gets credited as the first one of these stories, but Problem Sleuth inspired RubyQuest. Weaver's written at least two more stories in the same format as RubyQuest – NanQuest and DiveQuest – while Problem Sleuth's author … well.

Hi MosesMoore! Thank you reading this far and catching up!

I did learn about the Problem Sleuth thing a while ago, but I never went back and corrected it. I am a big fan of both those adventures, and NanQuest (DiveQuest was OK, but not my favorite), but if you're looking for direct inspiration, it was definitely RubyQuest over Problem Sleuth for me. I even tried to do the description style conversations until Bina and Kendra met up and I realized I just couldn't handle doing big long conversations like that.

Please stick around and make suggestions! Do you mind if I ask where you heard about this comic? I haven't been doing much in the way of promotion lately.