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>piotyr: be absolutely covered in sticky notes

Dark Vector:
^This, can we please have this

"She loves it!" says Bina, and the evidence seems to bear this out.

>Piotyr: Be pleased with this fact.

"I see you've been busy," says Kendra.

"We're makin' a crazy wall!" says Bina, quickly, as she realizes she actually is pretty hungry. "Are those Jamaican patties?"

"Haitian patties," says Kendra, distracted by the wall of post-it notes. "But yeah, Emmie made them."


"What is all this?" asks Kendra.

"4, M46, 9:15am," reads Kendra. "Test of prototype 126-A in vacant lot?"

"That's Four," says Amie. "Four did a whole lot of testing. Like, just tons of testing."

"Yeah, I know," says Kendra.

"You do?" asks Amie, trying not to sound disappointed.

"Have you tried reading Three's notebooks on time travel?" asks Kendra. "They're nearly impenetrable. Worse then my aerodynamics textbooks. It's hard to even understand what she's saying most of the time. Four is the one who broke them down into practical lessons. It must have taken her months."

"It did!" says Amie. "Five and a half months. The last date for her we have so far is M166."


"Moment-Day 166. We needed a way to track the amount of time the Binas had been in the Moment so…"

"So that's what all this is? The journals?"

"About half of them," says Bina. "We're looking for patterns."

"Find any?"

"We might have found a few," says Amie.

"Might," repeats Bina, shooting a look at Amie.

"Come see."