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"I am informed," says Kendra from the doorway. "That you haven't eaten."

"We haven't?" asks Bina.

"We haven't," says Amie.

"It's, like, 3:30."

"We should eat," says Bina.

"We should," says Amie.

"What have you done to that dog?" asks Kendra.


Dave Rapp:
Speaking of things that have sticky notes on them - how is Piotyr supposed to be pronounced? I've been saying "PEE-oh-teer" in my head but somehow I don't feel like that's right? I don't know why I'm asking this now, of all times.

Ah! Yeah, the real Russian pronunciation is more PYO-tyrr. I'm not really sure how any of these three pronounce her name, none of them speak Russian so it's probably a big mess and disaster.

Chaz Wallace:
I would LOVE to see on the next update, or the one after that, of no text just a single MASSIVE picture showing detail of the wall and the notes on it. Where we can read the notes and see the lines and colors of the yarn and etc.

I would love this too, but it's just not possible on a daily update schedule. I spent like five hours on the update yesterday and that did not involve nearly the amount of work that doing something like that would require.

It'd be cool… but it can't happen. :(