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Bina flops down on the bed. A little harder than she intended.

Thankfully, the futon is soft and it really does feel good to get off her feet.

"I'll go get the other journals!" says Amie, lurching up and out of the room. "Also tape! And string!"

"Kay do," sighs Bina, starting to lean back into the futon before remembering. "Hey! Kendra has a bunch of the journals, but don't bug her about them 'cause she's using them to try to rebuild a time machine!"

Amie makes some kind of noise of what is probably assent from down the hall.

Bina hasn't been thinking about the other timelines a lot. She has been busy, but it's more then that. She's been avoiding thinking about the other Bina's on purpose. They make her kinda sad.

Can you mourn thoughts you can't remember? Can you feel the loss of ideas you never had, but would have, if things had been a little different?

Is she dragging around twelve of her own ghosts?

Whenever Bina thinks about the theological implications of the situation they're in, she wants to run away screaming.