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"What am I supposed to do? Lie down?"


"But we have planning to do!"

So much planning.

"Lying down is better then sitting, but sitting is better then walking about."

Compromise! She'll take it! "I can probably do sitting Doc."

How do you even go about killing a god? Like, without being a god yourself?

"Good. Try to plan restfully. Here I happen to have brought this with me."

Magic hobo:
Bina >> Pout.


Bina is not, as a rule, a whiny baby, but considering the situation she feels somewhat justified.

"Take it."

BINA: use crutches and rest.



Yeah, they should just take a moment in the Moment to get a moments rest, perhaps even momentarily consider their problems.

Wow. I should really get some sleep.

Well, you're too busy killing GIANT BUGS FROM SPACE to worry about things like KNEES or FEET. Who needs them anyway? It would be better to justyt hurry and do your job, pass out and wake up in a hospital or something. You are a getting thins done person, not a waitng to heal person. If EMmie has a problem with that, they can just stand by you and be ready to emergency medicin your everything.

EDIT: I need to learn to sleep after taking my meds. That would be better. Leaving the typos though, they are funny.

OK, everyone needs to get enough sleep. It's very important. Not just for Bina's.

Everyone try to get enough sleep.