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> Who cares what he's doing with it? You have a chance of escape while he's distracted! Slink away…

> Take this opportunity and run with it as far from here as you can.

Right, stuff waiting.

Bina seizes the opportunity and legs it as quickly and as quietly as she can manage.

>…. Is that piotr?

Maybe that carcass is what the the Green Lady did to Piotr.

In light of that, try not to speculate on what the future may hold for your arm. Just stay your sneaky course.

Oh… wow. Thanks, for putting THAT idea in her head.

She didn't have enough nightmares ALREADY. THANKS, really!

She tries to distract herself from this unpleasant train of thought by looking at the piles of stuff as she creeps past as quietly as she can.

It's an eclectic mix of stuff. Digging tools, a couple of heavy-duty water pumps on wheels, rappelling gear, work lights, gas masks, and… is that a box of body-bags?

Yyyyep. This is a box of body-bags.

Government issue body-bags.

What the heck did they FIND down there?