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"This is the new kibble," says Bina. "It's fish I think? And corn? It doesn't sound great, honestly, so if it's not up to stuff, blame Aunty Kendra OK? Don't take it out on me."

Outside she can hear Kendra swearing to herself. The time machine dissection seems to be going well.

Piotyr, for her part, raises no objections to the new fish and corn kibble.

"You know," she says to the dog. "I think if I ate kibble every day I'd get pretty bored of the stuff, but you're just, like, super into it."

Standing there, for the first time in what feels like a long time, she doesn't have anything immediate to do. Nothing to run from, nothing to run at, and no major injuries to recover from. Yesterday had been busy, but today everyone seems to be taking it easy.

She could go check in on Kendra, or try to find where Amie went, but she doesn't have too.

It doesn't look like anyone's eaten, she could make breakfast…